Prairie Winds Racing

Mid-Distance Racing Sled Dogs

Sponsors are a lot like a dog team; it takes hard work, team work, and a little help from our friends to get down the trail.


We would like to thank all of those who make it possible for Erin and the team to be successful!


Team Dog Sponsors:

Tischler Wood Products of Avon MN-


Without Tischler, the dogs and I wouldn't have a dog box to get around in. I've also been lucky in their willingness to let me borrow power tools for kennel projects! Not only does Tischler sponsor Prairie Winds, they also allow North Star Sled Dog Club the use of their building for Spring Meetings, the use of two snowmobiles for trail marking our races and numerous other generous offerings!


Thanks Tischler!

Jeff and Christi Davis and Family

Wheel Dog Sponsors:

Race Dog Sponsors:

These folks have teamed up to sponsor one of our athletes for the season!

Mick and Laurel Davis

Billie Diver

The Lindquist Family- Eric, Nichole, Tyler and Ellen

Julie Liveringhouse

Kerry Kulju Nelson

Heidi Davis

Vicki Heckman

Jacob Janovsky

Friends of Prairie Winds Racing:


*Davis Family Farms- Lake Crystal MN


*Laurel Davis, Kate Christenson, Carol Prettyman: Donation of handmade checkpoint blankets