Meet the Team

Prairie Winds Racing

Mid-Distance Racing Sled Dogs


Born: 2010

Position: Leader


Cora is a very sweet, mellow mannered lady. She is my go to lead dog and definitely the brains of any team she is on. I count on her when the going gets tough.


Sponsored by: Eric, Nichole, Tyler and Ellen Lindquist Family!


Born: 2010

Position: Leader


Zephyr is an incredibly driven lead dog. He's only happy when he's loping and don't you dare tap the breaks or he'll glare at you. This boy is FAST.


Sponsored by: Julie Liveringhouse

Boo Boo

Born: September 2013

Position: Leader/Team


Boo Boo is big things in a teenie tiny package. She is one of my main leaders for this coming season.


Sponsored By: Mick and Laurel Davis!


Born: March 2014

Position: PuppyTeam


Oopsie is Cora's mini-me! All 30 lbs of her. She's my polly pocket sled dog.



Sponsored by: Heidi Davis!

Pensatucky "Penny"

Born: December 2014

Position: Leader/Team


Penny is a rockstar two year old. Ran every single race her yearling season like a pro.


Sponsored by: Mick and Laurel Davis


Born: 2009

Position: Team/Wheel


Puff is my class clown/sensitive baby. He's shy and prefers the company of ladies over men so if you ever visit us, don't be offended! He is one of those dogs you just can't help but love.

Sponsored by: Vicki Heckman!


Born: Dec 2015

Position: Puppy Team

"The Alaskan Kangaroo"

Bear will be a yearling for the 2016/2017 season. He'll get some harness time in but will wait to see a race until next year. I like to give big boys (like he's turning out to be) ample time to grow into themselves before adding the preasure of a race.


Sponsored by: Eric, Nichole, Tyler and Ellen Lindquist Family!


Born: Sept 2015

Position: Puppy Team


Moose was my 25th Birthday present from our NSSDC Club President. He's slowly wormed his way into house puppy status but if the rest of the house allows, he'll be running with the big dogs next winter!

Sponsored by: Heidi Davis!



Born: July 2014

Position: Team


Thunder (ThunderPaws) is an energetic, outgoing and just plain happy dog. Always the first to great visitors to the yard his enthusiasm is contagious on and off the line.


Sponsored by: Eric, Nichole, Tyler, and Ellen Lindquist Family!


Born: 2011

Position: Team Mascot/Mom's Main Man


Jack rules the dog yard with an Iron Paw (not really.. he just steals everyones bones). House pet and Puff's favorite friend.


Born: 2012

Position: Ladies Man and Chief Bed Hog


Bane is a 4 year old GSD. He does some cannicross with me which he's surprisingly good at. He's also an incourragable flirt and has all of the ladies in the yard madly in love with him. Boo Boo is his main love though.


Born: April 2012

Position: Team


Hank is my little ladies man. An honest sled dog and hard worker he has the important task of keeping the sassy ladies in line.


Born: April 2014

Position: Team/Lead


Tom is a sensitive, people pleasing dog and loves nothing more than to hug it out! He has a little experience out front and can be counted on to lead the team in a pinch. Sweetest dog in the kennel!

Sponsored by: Billie Diver!


Born: 2013

Position: Team/Lead


Rue has blossomed into a rockstar point dog and pace setter and a very reliable backup leader.


Sponsored by: Liza Dietzen


Born: 2014

Position: Team


Popple is another little lady who proves the dynamite theory, "big things come in small packages."

She is hard driving and a hard worker.

Sponsored by: Kerry Kulju Nelson



Born: March 2014

Position: Team


Closer just might be my favorite dog out here but shhhh don't tell Cora. He is so focused and so into his job but want nothing more than to please his musher.



Born: 2015

Position: Team


Rocky is Closer's little bro. A little less than a year apart but when they run together it's like telling twins apart! Outstanding yearling who has the potential to be a super star in any position on the team.

Sponsored by: Jacob Janovsky!