Meet the Team

Prairie Winds Racing

Mid-Distance Racing Sled Dogs


Born: Dec 2015

Position: Team


Bear LOVES being a sled dog. He's a big old puppy and is still very puppy-ish in everything he does. This will be Bear's first racing season and will be on Julia's team for the most part.



Boo Boo

Born: September 2013

Position: Leader/Team


Boo is a stellar little dog who is everything you could ask for in a sled dog and now a mom. Tireless and always ready to go, she's a shoe in for the A team but might float between both as a lead dog backup.




Born: 2013

Position: Point/Lead


Brandi is all spunk and sass and MOUTH! I call her the kennel tattle-tail most of the time as she's always talking back to whoever's doing something in the yard. very smart little girl who will work into lead some this season.



Born: 2014

Position: Team/wheel


Closer is an extremely gifted athlete. Always gives 110% on the line at all times and is a loping machine. He's the daddy to this year's puppies and they're all adapting his sweet personality.


Born: 2010

Position: Leader/puppy trainer


Cora is a very sweet, mellow mannered lady. Due to an auto immune disease she is semi-retired but will still be helping train the next generation of lead dogs for us.




Born: May 2017

Position: Puppy Team


Fraser is a very sweet mellow mannered puppy. A lot of his mannerisms remind me of Uncle Rocky.


Born: May 2017

Position: Puppy Team


Hatchet is the biggest of his litter, surprise he came out the smallest! He's an adventurous puppy who gets his nose into anything and everything. Looks like his dad but acts like momma Boo!


Born: April 2014

Position: Lead


Kaltag is a wise old soul with the sweetest personality you've ever seen. I'm very excited to grow my bond with him over the seasons as we head down the trail together.


Born: April 2014

Position: Team/wheel


Kenai is a very shy, sensitive lady. We're working on some trust issues and socialization but running isn't one of her flaws. She loves being a sled dog and will be paired up with her son Bear for most of the season!



Born: March 2014

Position: Lead/Point


Oopsie is Cora's mini-me! All 30 lbs of her. She's my polly pocket sled dog who has taken to leading like a little pro.





Born: December 2014

Position: Lead/Swing


Penny is a character. With her crazy ears and loud personality you can usually find her sucking up to all the spectators around the truck. She ran main lead for me last season and will lead again this year.


Born: 2014

Position: Team


Popple is another little lady who proves the dynamite theory, "big things come in small packages."

She is hard driving and a hard worker.



Born: 2008

Position: Team/Wheel


Puff is my old man clown. He's the comic relief in the dog yard and the brute strength in team. He'll be lending his power to Julia's team this year.


Born: 2015

Position: Team/started lead


Rocky was an outstanding yearling last year and I can't wait to see him mature this year. He's a super star in team but has shown a lot of promise in lead. We'll work on those skills this fall.


Born: 2013

Position: Team/Lead


Rue has blossomed into a rockstar point dog and pace setter and a very reliable backup leader.




Born: May 2017

Position: Puppy Team


Snowbank is a diva with a capital D. The most like her momma Boo she does what she wants when she wants.


Born: June 2016

Position: Swing/Team


Soul is a very quiet happy boy who is new to us this year.


Born: June 2016

Position: Team


My little psycho princess. She is such a ball of energy and going to be a blast to work into the team.


Born: July 2014

Position: Team/started lead


Storm is a giant lover of a dog. He's very reserved unless he feels like he's being ignored and then he's got a voice you can't ignore. Great started leader who should make the main team this year.


Born: May 2017

Position: Puppy Team


Thomas is the most like his daddy Closer. He's a people puppy all the way and hardly ever leaves my side on our walks.


Born: July 2014

Postion: Team


Thunder (ThunderPaws) is an energetic, outgoing and just plain happy dog. Always the first to great visitors to the yard or truck his enthusiasm is contagious on and off the line.


Born: 2010

Position: Leader


Zephyr is an incredibly driven lead dog. He's the team gas pedal and he's happiest when he's loping. Surprised me last season and single lead for 15 miles at the end of a 3 day race and upped our speed instead of slowing down. Love this monster.