How it began..

It all started with a glass of milk and a National Geographic...


Erin is a true first generation musher. Her interest was sparked sharing cookies and milk with her grandpa Mick over a National Geographic article on Susan Butcher. After reading about one of Iditarod's greats, the fire was lit.


It took saving every penny earned for over a year before her parents took her seriously enough to buy her first two sled dogs. Two dogs quickly grew to a whole racing kennel, and with the help of some amazing mentors in the mushing world Erin was able to be the youngest (at the time) to successfully complete the John Beargrease 150 at 14 years old.


17 years later raising and racing sled dogs is still the main focus. These days Erin and the dogs live on 8 acres in the middle of Minnesota and Erin works full time for the MN National Guard.


The goal for our kennel is to train, raise and race happy and healthy Alaskan Huskies. Our main focus currently is on Mid-Distance style racing with the hopes of eventually jumping up to the "BIG" ones.

The Meaning of "Prairie Winds"

Growing up in Southern Minnesota you run your team past fields of corn and soybeans. As we'd be training dogs the best/worst feeling was that prairie wind gusting in your face across the open fields after harvest. With little to no wind block you held your breathe, tucked your head and pushed on.

While we no longer train on the prairie the name will stay to always remind us to push through and carry on.

1st John Beargrease 150 finish- 2005